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Cold Sparklers and Silent Disco

Take your event to the next level with these extras. The cold sparklers add a fun new excitement that is sure to excite any crowd. Use it for receptions while announcing the bride and groom. Use it again for the first dance or an amazing send off photo. You can also use it for homecoming and prom court announcements. How about that midnight ball drop on New Years Eve? We have cold sparklers for rent for any situation. 

Silent Disco

We branded our version the Private Parties because there's nothing silent about our parties. Our guest always sing along at the top of their lungs. This is a great way to combat noise issues. We've done regular sound until 10p and switched over to the headphones and kept going for another 2 hours. If you would just like to do a different kind of event we can provide the headphones, you can book our DJ or someone else. In fact you can have up to 3 different DJ's playing different styles at the same time  on different channels. Private parties, birthdays, weddings, schools, you name it and we can do it.

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