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Welcome to the Bridgecity Foto Bomb website. 

Bridgecity Foto Bomb started in 2015 when the owner decided to invest in a product that would allow event attendees to send text and pictures to a screen for the entire crowd to see, react and respond to. In 2017, after the first couple of years with this product, we decided to expand into an actual photo booth business and it has been a huge success. 

Bridgecity Foto Bomb is a separate company yet a subsidiary of Bridgecity Music. You can book DJ's and photo booth separately or you can package them together for a discounted combo package.

We invite you to peruse our site and experience the fun, the laughter, a huge variety of props, as well as our personalized layouts for each and every client and event. Our staff is professional, yet fun and knows how to make every event special.

Schoepp Wedding_58_hq
Schoepp Wedding_54_hq
Schoepp Wedding_44_hq
Schoepp Wedding_190_hq
Schoepp Wedding_171_hq
Schoepp Wedding_32_hq
2017-09-23 16.45.07_hq
2017-09-23 21.23.58_hq
Sherwood Homecoming 21
Sherwood Homecoming 21-2
PHH Appreciation Party 2017_46_hq
PHH Appreciation Party 2017_47_hq
PHH Appreciation Party 2017_38_hq
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