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About Bridgecity Music

Bridgecity Music was started in 1996 and is still one of the strongest and most successful entertainment companies in the NW. It was founded by Portland radio, club and mobile DJ Denmark. After working for a few other companies he decided to create his own company. After two decades of amazing events, including school dances of all levels, weddings, Mitzvahs, corporate events and many brand partnerships, Bridgecity was poised to expand to greater heights.

In 2017, he decided to add photo booths to the business thus introducing Bridgecity Foto Bomb.  This addition to the business has been extremely successful and continues to broaden the Bridgecity Family.  

In 2018, Bridgecity added a DJ that could do Latino events allowing us to serve our Latinx community properly with people from the culture who know the culture.

In 2019, Bridgecity invested in the Silent Disco product and has rebranded it as the "Private Parties". The term silent doesn't really apply because our guests sing aloud at the top of their lungs. Check out our videos.

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